Educational Resources


  1. Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence (webinar recording, May 2018)
  2. Peer Support Skill Development Group (online, monthly, ongoing)
  3. For Service Providers Seeking Culturally Responsive Education for Supporting Pagan/Polytheist Clients

Do I need permission to share information on Macha’s Justice?
Not at all! Please feel free to share our information with anyone you feel would be interested in knowing about it, whether in person or on social media. (Make sure it’s safe to do so before sharing with people who may still be in an abusive relationship, however, in case the abusive person is monitoring the survivor’s communications.)

If you choose to use any of our promotional material, please do not alter, modify, or otherwise change the material from its original form without having received written permission. Please note that our educational materials are for personal use only and not for resale or public dissemination without our prior written permission.

Classes & Webinars

Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence

Original presentation date: Saturday, May 19th, 2018  |  12pm PST/3pm EST
Host: Land Sea Sky Travel (part of A Year with Our Gods Online Conference)
Facilitator: Marjorie Ní Chobhthaigh of Macha’s Justice

This webinar is split into two parts. First we provide a definition of domestic violence and examine the broader social context of it, discuss the many ways it can manifest in a variety of relationships and the reasons people may be unwilling or unable to “just leave,” and address common myths and biases. Then we’ll focus on practical tools and techniques that a person can use to support someone who is experiencing domestic violence in a way that is safe, effective, and empowering for both the ally and the survivor.

Downloadable materials:

  • Video and audio of the webinar
  • The presentation PowerPoint
  • Handouts of statistics on domestic violence in both the general population and several underserved communities
  • Tip sheets on active listening, self-care, and self-assessments for the support person

Cost: USD $1 – 40 (sliding scale). If you’re interested in purchasing the materials from this webinar, contact or send a PayPal amount (anywhere from USD $1 to $40) with a note that the money is for the May 2018 domestic violence class.

Peer Support Skill Development Group – Monthly Meeting

Time: first Sunday of every month, 12-2pm PST
Location: online via Zoom
Facilitator: Marjorie Ní Chobhthaigh; various
Cost: minimum $1 donation or signing up as a Patreon at any pledge level here

This monthly discussion group is oriented towards anyone who is supporting other people, such as:

  • professional service providers
  • clergy, priests, and healers
  • laypeople supporting a friend or other loved one
  • anyone interested in practicing peer support skills

Attendees must be 18 years or older; there is no faith, gender, or career/priesting requirement to attend. Attending will gain you access to live conversation with other folks working on the same skills from a variety of traditions, practices, and service experience, as well as to audio recordings of the meetings. Subjects discussed include:

  • active and responsive listening skills
  • conflict management
  • communication
  • boundaries and conflict of interest
  • trauma-informed care
  • crisis intervention skills

To attend, or if you have any questions or concerns, please email Marjorie Ní Chobhthaigh at

For Service Providers Seeking Culturally Responsive Education for Supporting Pagan/Polytheist Clients

Time: flexible
Facilitator: Marjorie Ní Chobhthaigh
Cost: variable

This is for service providers who would like to receive education on the nature of contemporary paganism, polytheism, and magical traditions so that they have context for their clients’ faith and world-view. In addition to being a practicing polytheist and animist, Marjorie Ní Chobhthaigh has a MSc in religious studies with a specialization in contemporary religious movements and does strength-based, trauma-informed direct service as an advocate for domestic violence survivors. This means that Marjorie has a solid grounding in the theory as well as its practical application as both a polytheist and a service provider. The goal of this work is to empower service providers who are not personally pagan, polytheist, or magic practitioners to better understand their clients’ concerns without pathologizing or allowing personal bias to impact service provision.

For more information, please contact Marjorie at

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