Our Mission

Macha’s Justice was founded to support polytheists, pagans, magic-users, and people in related spiritual paradigms who are experiencing or have experienced abuse from another person. While the focus is on domestic, dating, and intimate partner violence, there tends to be a large intersection with child abuse, sexual assault, and familial abuse. We encourage anyone who is interested in knowing, regardless of any personal or religious identity or experience of trauma, to look through what we have and decide for themselves what is or isn’t useful for their personal process.

While Macha’s Justice borrows its name from the Irish goddess, our support and the resources we provide are intended to be as diverse and – when appropriate – as open-ended as possible to accommodate the needs of many different faiths, spiritualities, and traditions.

Our Philosophy

We are an interfaith group that approaches this work from the following premises:

  1. That every individual has the right to live free from fear and harm.
  2. That although many survivors of trauma share common experiences, there is no “one size fits all” healing process. Every individual’s healing will be, and should be, tailored to meet their own unique needs, goals, environment, and preferences.
  3. That no emotion is inherently bad and that what matters is how that emotion impacts the quality of life for the survivor and the people around them. We will never push someone to forgive an abusive person unless and until the survivor decides that’s what they want.
  4. That we live in relationship with other living humans, the land, ancestors and other dead, spirits, gods, and other entities that may defy easy categorization, and that it is our responsibility to work towards being in right relationship with those beings who wish to engage with us.
  5. That we have a responsibility to continue doing work that dismantles systems of oppression, raises the voices of oppressed people, and which acknowledges their sovereignty both as individuals and as communities.

More Information

If you have any questions or concerns and can’t find your answer in our FAQs, please feel free to reach out through the Contact form.