Macha’s Justice is a small group run by volunteers, all of whom have personal and/or professional experience with domestic and interpersonal violence, and all of whom practice some form of paganism, polytheism, or magic.

Our primary approach to supporting survivors is through short-term peer emotional support and educational material.  This may look like:

  • communicating through email or other text format for short-term peer support
  • participating in peer group discussion
  • sharing resources and information relevant to the common needs of survivors
  • providing online classes and downloadable material for survivors and allies alike

Macha’s Justice itself cannot provide:

  • long-term, ongoing emotional support
  • therapy or clinical mental health services
  • legal advice
  • financial advice
  • healthcare
  • formal referrals
  • certification training

We’re happy to do what we can to help you find an accessible resource that will help you with these things such as a domestic violence agency, a family resource center, or a priesthood in your religious tradition that’s local to you. We encourage people to take a look at our general resources.