Depending on your interests and resources, there are lots of ways you can support our work!

Participate in change.

The ultimate goal of anyone engaged in anti-violence work is to eventually makes themselves unnecessary. However, long-term and systemic change comes from collective work, investment, and implementation. The best way to support us is to put community-oriented solutions and accountability into play within your own networks!

  • Learn and practice interpersonal skills such as communication, conflict management, and what constitutes consent (see “For Allies” and “For Spiritual Service Providers“)
  • Hold community members, especially leaders, accountable for their actions and how they respond to incidents of harm in the community
  • Share our name, downloadables, and Facebook page with others (when it’s safe to do so)!

Offer feedback.

To make sure Macha’s Justice (MJ) is providing what survivors and our faith communities actually want, we welcome feedback on how we can do better and ideas for new things to try. Integrity and relevance are core motivations behind this venture and we need feedback to keep us on track! You can contact us through the Contact form on this site or by emailing

Be a guest speaker.

MJ’s primary focus is gendered violence, and we recognize that all forms of violence based on power and control – including racism, ableism, ageism, classism, and others – are interrelated. If you have a particular skill, training, or lived experience that fits within MJ’s values and purpose and which you think would benefit other survivors, service providers, or our faith communities to know, please tell us! We offer paid compensation and the class is recorded and hosted on MJ’s Teachable with free access.


MJ does have some operating costs:

  • Website hosting (currently $140/year)
  • Zoom account for classes and meetings ($15/mo)
  • Guest speaker compensation (minimum $100)
  • An annual land rent paid to Native advocacy organizations such as Red Women Rising (variable amounts)
  • Content creator labor (variable)

The costs are currently covered through one-time donations, ongoing donations via Patreon, and the founder’s own money as a way of giving back to their faith community and as a devotional offering to their gods and spirits.

If you would like to contribute, we appreciate any amount of support!

(Transparency note: MJ currently is not a separate legal entity under its regional laws, which requires a significant investment of both finances and labor to establish. This means MJ does not have its own tax returns or banking. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.)